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About Us

Creating Opportunity

Everyone deserves the opportunity

to put their best foot forward.

Cutting through the recruiting noise is harder than ever.

College coaches receive thousands of emails from player prospects every year.

Highlight reels are rarely watched. 

Playing showcase tournaments is no guarantee of exposure.

Coaches are recruiting people, not just players, and Rise College Soccer ID Camps are designed to provide you with an extended opportunity to showcase your best attributes.


Over the course of three days, you'll be closely observed by each member of our elite coaching staff, giving them the best possible chance to get to know you as a person and a player.

High School Age Boys, Limited to 80 campers


We're proud to partner with the soccer community to offer need-based scholarships on a first-come first-served basis.  

If you qualify for NSLP you qualify for a scholarship. 

Confirmed Coaches

Campers are guaranteed to be seen by every coach!

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